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Inspirit Revolution Color Contrast Notebook - Ruled



Show your support for the cause of anti-bullying and inclusion with the official Inspirit Revolution hardcover journal. Write down memories, store your secrets, or tick off that world-changing To Do List with these ruled notebooks. Each notebook features 96 off-white ruled pages with a high-quality imprint on the front of a smooth matte-black cover. Stretchable strap to secure the notebook closed.

American-Printed and Distributed

Every purchase you make benefits the Inspirit Revolution Initiative working to encourage teen inclusion and to end bullying and self-harm.

  • 5.5" x 8.25" (139.7 cm x 35.56 cm)
  • 192 pages (96 sheets)
  • Vivid colors on the inside cover, outside band, and paper edges.

Colors may look slightly different than they appear in the images. Recommended Care: Use a soft, clean and dry cloth to gently brush any dust or dirt off from the center of the journal outwards.