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About Grön


Making a positive difference in this world, one product at a time.

Grön is a women-led band of visionaries in the heart of Portland, Oregon, committed to creating products that empower, enlighten, and leave the world a little better than they found it. With such a commitment to both quality and social consciousness, Grön is the perfect vendor to lead off the Fearless Voice Boutique initiative.

From the conscientious sourcing of pure ingredients to the rigorous testing of the final results, Grön lovingly crafts their wellness products to give our community the tools to free themselves from the challenges that get in the way of a truly flourishing life.

First things do you pronounce "Grön"?

Heard all over Sweden, it’s pronounced grew-n, meaning green in Swedish. It’s a tribute to their founding chocolatier’s love of both Scandinavia and Oregon, and the simple, beautiful rewards of living green.

Top Three Reasons to Support Grön Products

A Commitment to Our Environment

Grön is committed to fairness, sustainability, minimal environmental impact and enhancing communities. Aside from using only hand-harvested, Fair Trade cacao beans, Grön toppings and chocolate inclusions are locally sourced, organic and provided by local partners. They are happiest when they can make people happy— one chocolate bar or CBD-infused bite at a time.

A Woman-Led Organization

Christine Smith is the Founder and CEO of Grön. A fourth-generation Texan, Christine Smith built her first bonafide village on the family ranch at age 10—a prelude to her degree in architectural design at the Univ. of Texas Austin, studies in Denmark and quest to form thriving communities on small footprints.

Christine arrived in Oregon at the start of 1999, embarking on a 20-year career as an architect while her husband Jasper owned and operated a medical marijuana dispensary. Combining curiosities about tempering chocolate and a marketplace limited to cannabis-butter treats wrapped in cellophane, Christine applied her rich understanding of thoughtful proportions and exacting composition to start Grön in 2014.

Supporting Grön in the Fearless Voice Boutique Supports Cannabis Social Justice Initiatives

A portion of every Grön sale in this Boutique is donated to Green Reine PAC, a national political organization working legislatively and with leaders in the industry to expand access to care, protection of families through decriminalization, community support for responsible growth, and building a solid technologically-advanced foundation.